Thursday, January 14, 2016

Air Jordan 1 Nouveau BHM Cheap Sale

Classic Air Jordan 1 shoes this year, also beat Nouveau label, will bring a series of prominent visual texture boutique. BHM color scheme also landed Air Jordan 1 black month Nouveau shoes. To create overall black leather shoes, under the calm atmosphere, embellished beautifully delicate black month pattern. Woven stripes, restrained style but not low-key create a real culture. You can choose more styles on 

Air Jordan XXX 30

Air Jordan's shoes will be 30th in January 14, official, Jordan Brand officially opened the official propaganda. In addition to COMING JANUARY 14 date, this whole new generation continues to push will be led by Russell Westbrook playing the main role. Exposure before releasing this new generation a lot and change its past strict confidentiality, believe Air Jordan XXX spy photos in this respect similar to provide feedback on how the market, Russell Westbrook will play? We'll see! The latest update, on the official website of Granville on little feet boots are black, and officials have made real foot on publicity photos, and exposure on the Internet. Air Jordan Russell Westbrook foot XXX consistent with the exposure before spy photos!