Thursday, January 14, 2016

Air Jordan 1 Nouveau BHM Cheap Sale

Classic Air Jordan 1 shoes this year, also beat Nouveau label, will bring a series of prominent visual texture boutique. BHM color scheme also landed Air Jordan 1 black month Nouveau shoes. To create overall black leather shoes, under the calm atmosphere, embellished beautifully delicate black month pattern. Woven stripes, restrained style but not low-key create a real culture. You can choose more styles on 

Air Jordan XXX 30

Air Jordan's shoes will be 30th in January 14, official, Jordan Brand officially opened the official propaganda. In addition to COMING JANUARY 14 date, this whole new generation continues to push will be led by Russell Westbrook playing the main role. Exposure before releasing this new generation a lot and change its past strict confidentiality, believe Air Jordan XXX spy photos in this respect similar to provide feedback on how the market, Russell Westbrook will play? We'll see! The latest update, on the official website of Granville on little feet boots are black, and officials have made real foot on publicity photos, and exposure on the Internet. Air Jordan Russell Westbrook foot XXX consistent with the exposure before spy photos!

Monday, December 7, 2015

2016 Newest Air Jordan 4 Alternate 89 For Cheap Sale

As an Alternate member of the series, Michael Jordan once the exclusive color PE investment market, this Air Jordan 4 "Alternate 89" will meet you very soon, with white shoe ornament with red details, fresh and vibrant visual experience brought the familiar flavor of the bulls. Fire Red color scheme compared to the same white-and-red dress, this new building, more refreshing simplicity, Air Jordan 4, fans of the series, is no doubt a fine shall come into it.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Air Jordan Retro Remaster Series

Jordan Brand is bringing classic replica Retro Remaster series, variety of boutique color to the original OG Air Jordan dress up again during the first year, first, of course, is going to first Maroon replica Air Jordan 6 "Maroon". Confirm sale of Blockbuster and back and Air Jordan 4 white cement OG "White Cement" and black and silver Air Jordan 5 "Black Metallic" appearance will be the first year Nike Air followed by both a perfect debut, white cement for sale got official confirmation, will debut in February 2016, February 13 launch, black and silver Air Jordan 5 will be available at the fall of 2016. Some replica shoes are perfect, Air Jordan 6 "Maroon" 100% refers to the 1991 version of the replica for the first time, and Air Jordan 4 "White Cement" 3rd replica, will we once again brought back in 1989. Black Friday replica Air Jordan 8 "Aqua" with the same specifications to reproduce the style during the first year, this shows that Jordan Brand will be the end of the year will be "Retro" replica to reinterpret the meaning of, for the majority of Sneakerhead, nature is good Gospel.

The end of the year Air Jordan 11 72-10 for sale

Finale blockbuster near the end of from the Air Jordan 11 "72-10" officially unveiled less than a month time. From 2011, the end of the year on December 19 will usher in the finale of a Air Jordan 11 for sale, whether it is from the shoe itself, is also the color scheme, it is fine, hot sale natural well, so is also known as the end of evil. This year's Air Jordan 11 "72-10" brings a completely different atmosphere, a modified replica of the past, took off his sports coat, brings a new fashion clothes. Leather material takes up more space, with black and white color scheme also creates a restrained luxury of visual experience, a lot of fine detail, while bringing rich layers, under the savor is charming. Color theme 72-10 salute created by the bulls during the 95-96 season best record in NBA history, 72 WINS and 10 losses for all stunning and perfect end in the Championship trophy. Michael Jordan himself this season to include the regular season, all-star game and 3 Finals MVP. For bulls and MJ, 95-96 season is the pinnacle of perfection.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Air Jordan 13 CP3 Hornets

Air Jordan 13 family prepares a quality color offering, exclusive color of the Chris Paul had brought back, the Air Jordan 13 "CP3/Hornets" with black shoes complemented by green dress, and at the same time create an atmosphere full of Hornets, tongue yellow eye-catching CP3 Logo showed its own identity. Calm and bring full of highlights makes it difficult to avoid the Visual impact, delicate texture of materials shows good experience.

Most classic, Air Jordan 12 Retro Flu Game date of the replica set

In memory of the Battle of influenza flu game, sporting spirit of Michael Jordan and the Bulls in a classic battle on June 11, 97, whether in the topic of basketball or tennis shoes on the subject, are meaning. And wore the night of the Air Jordan 12 " Flu game " not only rendered in classic costume blackened the Bulls, it went through all of this as it brings greater meaning. We have reported before the blackened color Air Jordan 12 classic " Flu game " in the return of complex moment in 2016, following internal information and number of exposures Nike, finally determine the date of sale, will be officially launched on may 28, priced at .As most of the classic Air Jordan 12 series color, following a 2009